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I freaking repaired a kiln today. It was super easy (it involved a phillips-head screwdriver*), but that doesn't mean I'm not still impressed with myself. What even is this job? Like how did I get it? I totally fell into it, and I love it (and hate it so much). It's one of those things that just shouldn't have happened for me. I should not have just been handed this job. But I was, and I'm so grateful for it. It's one of those things that makes me certain there is some kind of divine force looking out for me.

*As a very important aside, I really couldn't decide whether that should be capitalized or not.

I remember the first day of pottery class when Karen and I signed up. I thought to myself, "You know, I could do this job." And I am. And I'm killing it. I'm good at this job. Sometimes I'm not perfect at this job. I have a lot of anxiety issues so there are weird things that are really hard for me. Took me most of the summer to get this kiln situation figured out because I don't like to use the telephone. But I've managed to plan an average of eight kids classes every week for the past eight weeks. I've kept up with firing people's stuff. Nothing has gotten stuck to the kiln shelf. I only broke (and couldn't repair) one thing. That's pretty good stats, I think.

So, one week left and then I get a whole month off. Which is so sorely needed it's not even funny. It was really odd loading the big kiln today. I guess my brain had just decided it would never be working again and was purely decorative. I decided to drive to Lawrence to get the part and some glaze because I didn't want to have to wait for shipping. Next week is all glazing which means we needed to have some glaze replacements. We were almost out of clear glaze. And since I'm going to have to fire a bajillion pieces of glazeware, I had to have the big kiln working. There was just no way I could get all of that done with just the little kiln since you can't stack glazeware.

Alex and Arelia and I had the best day yesterday. It was lovely to go on a day trip. We drove on 24, which is always a pretty drive, to Bracker's. It was fun to pick out glaze even though I was really only getting stuff we already use. I used my purchasing card, which just felt strange.

Then we went to Arizona Trading Co. on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence. Alex and I both bought shoes. She got hot pink Nikes (she so needed some good shoes), and I got brown slip-ons. The kind of slip-on shoes that I'm known for and have had a hard time finding of late. Someone wrote a bunch of stuff on the sole of one shoe. Stuff about the Senate having 100 members and senators having 6 year terms. I couldn't read all the rest of it, but I'm glad the shoes got used for cheating.

I think I was on a bit of a high since Bracker's went really well, and I had just spend over $200 of not my money, plus I got paid yesterday, so I really wanted to buy crap yesterday. I ended up buying a mood necklace at ATC, too, for more than I normally would have been willing. Then we went to Salvation Army, and I picked some books and a stupid cat outfit for Viola.

We had late-afternoon lunch at Perkins. It was a very happy experience. Alex ordered pulled pork cheese tots as an appetizer. They were surprisingly good. I had lemon pie blueberry pancakes. This is the best breakfast item anyone has ever designed. It was literally blueberry pancakes with lemon pie filling between them, topped with whipped cream.

So after that I knew how to get us back to I-70, and I didn't want to backtrack to 24. I decided we should try to go to Maj-R-Thrift in Topeka, though, and it's right off of 24. So I got off 70 immediately at the Lecompton exit to try to drive toward 24. Instead, Alex and I drove through Lecompton for no reason and then she saw a sign for a "scenic river route". I had already been going on about how we'd just take the scenic as hell route, so that seemed like the direction to go.

There was another sign for the river route that took us down a dirt road, and it was nuts from that point on. Very pretty, but I swear we were driving just in a field at one point. We had to drive over railroad tracks twice without any kind of railroad crossing protection. We were up really high about the river for a while. It was crazy. Arelia slept through the whole experience. I stopped a few times so Alex could build a wildflower bouquet.

Alex kept seeing signs for the Capitol Trail. So I don't know if that's what we were on, but it did (bizarrely) eventually dump us out in the outskirts of Topeka. It was like the worst/best way to have made our way from Lawrence to Topeka. And I'm decent enough at navigating that I had no idea where in Topeka we were, but I still managed to get us to 24 and to Maj-R-Thrift in a straight shot. It was awesome.

Taking a long country drive was just such a magical summer day sort of thing to do, and it was satisfying in a way I didn't know I needed it to be. It fulfilled something my soul was longing for, and was super cool to boot.

Then, to cap off a day that I was already calling the best day ever, I got a typewriter at Maj-R-Thrift. It's a 1973 Montgomery Ward Escort 350. It's baby blue, and I love it. Arelia's totally obsessed with it too. She kept calling it "Laura's favorite". It doesn't mean I don't still love Holly Golightly. I just have room in my heart for two different baby blue portable typewriters. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to call this one Baby.

Oh, I almost forgot, we also had to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star like a thousand times on the way home. (Arelia, "Let's do it again. Do it again!") We also sang nonsense songs with lyrics I made up as I went, and a Alex and I belted a whole bunch of patriotic songs terribly. It was great fun.
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